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Like part one of the epic finale, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I am torn. Did I love it? Yes. Did I have some objections? Yes. Do I wish they had just done one big needs-an-intermission movie? Maybe.

My Drug of Choice

Of course I loved it; it is full on Potter porn. It is impossible to resist and feels exquisite to watch. I found it to be visually stunning. Ron’s nightmare erupting like hell on doomsday from the locket was more than I had imagined it could be; it was perfect. I felt the action did not overpower, but was not rushed. And I felt that, finally, Daniel Radcliffe seemed to be able to hold character stunt for stunt. And the villains encroached with increasing strength as the movie progressed, and yet never overpowered our heroic trio.

Delays and Cancellations

However, some of the cuts made in the adapted script didn’t make sense. Forget understanding this movie if you’ve never read the books. There is an attempt to trim parts of the plot and seam the essential together. The result felt rigged to me, like it wouldn’t hold up if I did not possess a perfunctory knowledge of Harry’s world.

My biggest qualms are those that alter the overall theme. I understand plot simplification, but there must be a way to preserve the overall meaning. In my opinion, not enough attention was paid to Dumbledore, and Harry’s anger with him. Failing faith is the overriding theme throughout the first half of the seventh book; I felt this was squandered in favor of exemplifying the drama between Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They also altered the way Hedwig died, and Dobby’s final moment before death. These should have been preserved for the fans and for Harry.


Splitting the movie in two made the first feel like a really really long trailer for the second. What conflicts were resolved in this film? Only one horcrux was found and destroyed. The deathly hallows were uncovered, but are still a complete mystery. Harry’s visions of Voldemort searching for…what? Unexplained. Gryffindor’s sword came from where? Or who? And why did the goblin (in the Malfoy Manor scene near the end) lie about its genuine quality? Why would Bellatrix think it might be fake? They cut that entire plot line out of the story, so they’re left with lose ends… and irritated fans.

In the book, the very next chapter after Dobby’s funeral is a collective “ah-ha!” moment for the three. They are able to dissect calmly what they learned from Mr. Lovegood, and what happened at the Malfoy house. They also have the chance to speak to Griphook, Ollivander, Luna, and Dean (who was left out of the film) to find out why they were imprisoned and what they know. Most importantly, Harry begins to sift through his visions and find clues. He is also able to let himself forgive Dumbledore, trusting him finally. This is a big payoff for all the chapters that contained few answers. But to end a movie on that note would have been a drag. So movie-goers will have to wait until next July for some resolution.

I insist there must be a way to tighten, shorten, and sharpen the book into a clean, well-oiled script without botching it into fragmented pieces of a great story.

I am left with the feeling that I cannot make up my mind until I see the final film. Because, again, they’re really one film that has been severed at a convenient stopping point.

I am currently rereading The Goblet of Fire, because I have only read it once back in 2005; I need a refresher on Tom Riddle.

New countdown! 8 months until Part Two! Merlin’s pants!!!


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